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Top 10 Places to Find Developers for Your Business in 2022

Want to find developers? There are several challenges related to software development. It’s possible that you have a brilliant concept for a software program that, unlike the other dozen, has the potential to gain traction in the market. But you have no idea how to make it happen.

First and foremost, you cannot create an app or website on your own. While it is not impossible, it is not advised. And, whether you’re constrained by technical abilities or time, there are alternative solutions.

Hiring skilled software developers to assist your project in reaching completion is your first and maybe the best option. Finally, software developers have the knowledge and experience to construct from the bottom up, and they can eliminate any risks connected with your project along the way.

But where do you look for developers? When it comes to locating developers, you may want to look outside your regular stakeouts. You’ll notice that the finest talent may be found in unexpected locations. Stay tuned to discover out where those locations are and how to locate software engineers in a variety of networks.

Find Developers in Top 10 Places

People who were looking for work used to walk door to door in their local communities, dropping off their resumes. However, in today’s world, a substantial portion of your circle is unlikely to be local or in-person. And that’s OK.

So, where do you look for developers? Online! Finding developers online might provide you with additional alternatives and talent. When it comes to finding developers, here are some great places to look.

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1. Freelancer Platforms

Freelancers provide flexibility, but it is reciprocal. You may take advantage of the freedom that comes with not having to pay a full-time wage and escape the demands that come with it. At the same time, freelancers are not required to devote 100% of their time to your project and can work when and how they like.

Freelancers now have an easier method to advertise themselves to interested parties thanks to websites like Upwork or Fiverr.
Furthermore, 64 percent of respondents in a thorough UpWork research of the independent workforce in 2019 reported that more and more high-performing professionals in their respective industries are choosing to work independently.

2. Hiring Marketplaces

Hiring markets are similar to the more conventional method of hiring. You may publish a thorough job description on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Hired, or any other job board and wait for individuals to apply with their resumes. Isn’t that the same as going door to door? Except it’s all done online.

3. GitHub

GitHub is a code repository where developers may collaborate and save their work. On its alone, it may appear to be nonsense. However, when viewed as a portfolio for a developer you want to recruit, you have the chance to look closely at that possible candidate’s previous work and judge for yourself whether they were up to quality.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow may be the largest community for software engineers on the internet. Almost every developer has a story about scouring Stack Overflow late at night to find an issue in their code.

Although it may appear casual to those accustomed to the traditional method of locating possible workers, your best chance is to identify an active user of Stack Overflow, review their profile, and just contact out.

There is also a Stack Overflow employment board dedicated just to software engineers. It makes every effort to avoid spam, which is guaranteed to pique the interest of many job searchers.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media website as well as a job board. It gives recruiters, businesses, and job searchers a place to save all business-related information, such as a candidate’s career history or your company’s vacant vacancies.

LinkedIn members may also apply for jobs using their resumes or profiles, and both people and companies can make relevant postings regarding a particular industry or job looking in general.

Needless to say, being a prominent professional networking site, LinkedIn is a veritable hotspot for discovering developers. The negative is that you may not be able to discover top software developers on LinkedIn or any other employment platform. You must go out and look for them.

According to LinkedIn hiring data from 2016, recommendations are the most common approach for people to find a new job. Having said that, social professional networks are also the most important source of excellent hires.

Even if you don’t locate the developer you’re looking for, you may still build a useful connection using LinkedIn. Networking and locating developers are inextricably linked.

6. Coding Challenges

Coding challenges put every developer’s technical and problem-solving abilities to the test. Although coding challenges might be beneficial throughout the employment process, websites that contain coding challenges can be beneficial in the first place.

Check out the following websites:

  • HackerRank
  • CodeChef
  • Topcoder
  • Codewars
  • Codeforces
  • CodinGame
  • Coderbyte Enterprise

These websites’ leaderboards, forums, and blogs will be very beneficial to you.

7. Medium

Medium is a publishing platform and a shining example of social journalism, where both amateur and professional authors may blog freely. Because of Medium’s accessibility, you’ll discover many dedicated developers blogging strongly about their field.

The wonderful thing about Medium is that you can immediately follow subjects and see who is discussing them. You might be interested in reading the articles mentioned under software engineering!

Other sites, such as Hacker Noon or Free Code Camp, are also useful for finding coders, so be sure to check them out as well.

8. Quora

Quora is an online question and answer community that ranks highly in search engines due to its distinguishing feature. Many experts go to Quora to answer curious minds’ inquiries. As a result, developers may be found on Quora.

Search for competent developers by browsing subjects in the subject area that are most relevant to your project. Quora’s Spaces feature allows members to build groups based on common interests. Another good place to look is here.

9. Reddit

Reddit isn’t only for flamboyant teenagers — unless you are one of them. On the contrary, there are many excellent coders hiding online in subreddits, waiting to be discovered.

If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s a unique social network. Reddit combines thousands of discussion-based forums into a single location based on the topic of interest, whether it’s asking strangers weird questions, gaming, shower musings, or where to discover developers. These discussion boards are known as subreddits.

There are several subreddits where you might discover developers searching for employment in the trenches of the World Wide Web, as well as subreddits where you can just meet like-minded folks to network with.

10. Referrals

According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Insight Report, little more than 6% of developers are actively hunting for jobs. Learning how to discover talented developers in the current market takes more than simply knowing how to construct a job description. You must conduct the hunt.

A recommendation occurs when someone you know and ideally trust points you in the correct direction by suggesting someone in their own network. This advice is frequently based on past work done by the recommendee and the recommender.

In other words, you may have trust in the possible recruit because your recommender has actually worked with them and valued the work they accomplished.

Of course, this assumption might potentially lead you wrong if the suggested party does not perform optimally. But it’s a risk that many people are willing to accept, and as a result, they’ve hired some of the best coders.

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Developer?

If you want to take responsibility for the recruiting process once you’ve discovered some developers, you’ll need to know what to look for. In short, you’ll want to ensure that the developers you choose have the necessary technical expertise.

This might imply understanding how to complete certain tasks connected to your project or have years of expertise in one or two programming languages. In any case, you should have this figured out before looking for developers.

It’s important to remember that soft skills may make or break the value of a purportedly brilliant software engineer. Regardless of their technical abilities, if they lack attributes such as empathy or efficient communication, your project might quickly derail.


It’s time to start looking for developers now that you know where to look. You may use the address bar to go to your desired location. Pay great attention during the hiring process to verify that potential candidates have both technical and soft abilities.

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